Mixing Services Expained


What is a 2 track .Wav/MP3 ?


 .WAV Is a stereo CD quality recording at (44.1khz, 16-bit).
*If you send .Wav files please include the tempo and named label of each additional track.*

MP3  is an audio coding format for digital audio which uses a form of loss data compression.

What is Mix with vocals and a 2 tracked beat ?


As the pictures shows above the two track audio is on the top and 5 tracks below are vocals tracks recorded in format of verse and chorus.

Does the price difference reflect on the quality?

NO! The only difference is the type and technique and audio processing to perform the mix. Please note with the discretion of the source material uploaded it must be at its highest quality and sample rate to mix optimally.


Can I send you a Pro Tools sessions, Logic session, Studio One session, Reason session, etc?

I Prefer  Logic Pro sessions files but for all other DAW’s you must have the audio tracks exported as raw 24 bit 44.1 kHz audio (no plugins) WAV or AIFF format.

If you must send ProTools sessions please zip the audio files with the session operating with Protools 10 or higher

*If you send RAW .wav files and not the session please include the tempo and name label each separate track.*

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