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Tagged WAV
Non-Exclusive Rights
Linndzproductions retains 100% Royalties/publishing
Instant Delivery
The artist/Purchaser Must give beat creation credit to Linndzproductions
Untagged WAV
Non-Exclusive Rights
Linndzproductions retains 100% Royalties/publishing
Instant Delivery
The artist/Purchaser Must give beat creation credit to Linndzproductions
Untagged WAV + Trackout
Non-Exclusive Rights
Linndzproductions retains 50% Royalties/publishing
Untagged 2 tracked WAV Immediate download and Please allow 24 hours for tracked out delivery via E-mail or contact service line 646 322 1624
The artist/Purchaser Must give beat creation credit to Linndzproductions


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How do I pay for beats?

We accept all major debit/credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover). All transactions are made via Papal.

What are Lease Rights?

Terms that need to be followed upon purchase of a beat, beats or services from

How long will it take to get my beats?

All purchases are sent instantly upon payment. Please allow up to 48 hrs for receipt of exclusive purchases.

Can I change beats after purchase or get a refund if I don't like the beat?

There is NO REFUNDS only on duplicate purchases upon being verified we will return the charge fee.

Can I still use a leased bet even if it’s sold exclusively?

No! If exclusive rights are purchased you no longer can use the beat with out permission from and the exclusive licensed purchaser.

Can I resell the beats after purchasing a lease?

NO! You are NOT allowed to re-sell the beat or beats or transfer your license-rights to the beat or beats to a another party or person.

How do I give proper producer credit when releasing a song?

Proper credit is given as follows in written form of: Beat by Linndzproductions, Beat produced by Linndzproductions, Produced by Linndzproductions or Produced by Linndz.

Where can I get more information?

Visit use the contact form or email

Do you offer other music services?

Visit or inquire at


Artist who received services and worked with Linndzproductions


Linndz Productions is definitely a one stop shop. When it comes to what an artist needs to make it to the next step in there career. Whether you’re looking for production, engineering, photos or even video. You can definitely find it there. My experience with him in the studio was definitely amazing to say the least. As well as a quality product it was a learning experience. Step by step through out our sessions a mutual respect and admiration was built between us. Which is definitely a plus when it comes to working in this line of work.

My experience with Linndz in the studio is always amazing especially being that we started from the ground up. Together learning how to make that quality music, and him being a jack of all trades in production it’s always a learning experience. You too could experience that same great energy by booking an appointment/session.


My experience with Linndz in the studio is always a laid back creative vibe. I can come and just be myself and get the track done the way it’s supposed to be done, instead of taking in 100 other people’s opinions. We built our sound from the ground up with Linndz being a jack of all trades at production the process is always easy !

Linndz productions has had a real impact on my engineering perspective and audio recording. He has some of the newest and top of the line software and studio hardware. Experiencing time at the studio made me aware of more up-to-date plug-ins, filters and more ways to purify sound at a very high-level. With that said if you want quality music production and quality recordings please visit Linndz productions in the lower Eastside of Manhattan and get your time and money’s worth “relationships are everything “


My Name is UNIQUE and I’m from The LowaEastSide Manhattan. I Came to Linndzproductions who gave me the opportunity to work with him in his studio, and i was blown away by his drive and his motivation which truly made me bring out my true potential as a singer. So if you want to get your tracks done correctly come to Linndzproductions for studio time.

I had a great time working with Linndz! My Session was fun and professional,I would definitely recommend his work!

I’ve been in the industry since in was 14 years old. Different Countries and Cities. I’ve recorded with the best! From Sony-Atlantic Records etc. Linndzproductions hands down is top 3.Quality, Insight,Flexible Prices for Industry and Independent Budgets. He’s The One Stop Shop. Beat making-engineering, Photography websites it’s all There!! He has my Stamp!!!!!


About Me

Linndz Leroy is a professional Audio Engineer and Music producer from the Lower East Side New York. His Media production company Linndzproductions was Founded in 2003 where he built a home studio and started making beats and Audio Engineering. Along the way he was inspired by fellow friends Lee Da Hitman and Phanome who are also Engineer's and producers. He then fully committed and today Linndz provides a number of services such as Audio Recording Music Production and Media Consulting.

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